A light, powerful and eye-catching media player

UMPlayer is a multi-format media player that’s based on MPlayer. It opens almost every known audio and video format, and is very light on system resources. View full description


  • Includes more than 200 codecs
  • Built-in search for YouTube and Shoutcast
  • Very light on resources
  • Automatic subtitle download
  • Customizable interface


  • Online TV and radio station lists are empty
  • No help file


UMPlayer is a multi-format media player that’s based on MPlayer. It opens almost every known audio and video format, and is very light on system resources.

What can UMPlayer do?

UMPlayer boasts a wide array of options to create an excellent user experience when watching videos or listening to music. Besides the basic tools to play local files, VCD and DVD, UMPlayer can also play online TV and radio stations, and features built-in search for videos in YouTube and streaming music in Shoutcast.

Other interesting features are the screenshot tool – to capture any given frame – and the support for skins, with which you can customize the interface.

Seamless user experience

The program boasts a simple, almost minimalist interface that makes accessing all the various options and settings a real dream. There's almost learning curve and you should find UMPlayer easy to work with from the off.

UMPlayer can handles almost anything

UMPlayer already includes more than 200 codecs, which means you’ll hardly have problems to play any media file. The program can also download subtitles automatically for your foreign-language videos.

On the downside, UMPlayer doesn’t include any preloaded stations on its radio and TV lists, so unless you already know some of them this feature is pretty useless.


UMPlayer is a stylish, powerful media player with support for many formats and a small footprint on system resources.


  • Fixed picture quality
  • Fixed playback speed
  • Fixed YouTube UNICODE bug
  • Fixed UNICODE file name bug
  • Fixed player resize bug
  • Fixed player flickering bug
  • Incorporated 'Play directory' context menu
  • Updated binary codec pack
  • Converged MPlayer binary (multi-thread)


UMPlayer 0.98

— User reviews — about UMPlayer

  • lheb

    by lheb

    "ugly on video 5.1"

    I do not like the video playback 5.1. voice weak and poorly tp strong in stereo .. More.

    reviewed on February 19, 2016

  • Sirat Laqani

    by Sirat Laqani

    "All the people who commented on this don't know much about computer.."

    It is simply Awesome, much of the people who had presented theirs views don't know much about operation of players.. I a... More.

    reviewed on February 4, 2016

  • Brevity

    by Brevity

    "It needs to bring up DVD menu for ISO files which it does not currently."

    You can't claim to play ISO files if you don't bring up the menu first. More.

    reviewed on May 22, 2015

  • "By far the worst player in the world! "

    Its great for just playing movies and youtube videos. I'll give it that. But if ever want to any other features perpare ... More.

    reviewed on February 13, 2012

  • alan_ri

    by alan_ri

    "Linux user"

    Power of Open Source! If you can read and modify the source code you can make this player even better and to suite your ... More.

    reviewed on February 7, 2012

  • rmchavin

    by rmchavin

    "Outstanding in many ways but at present, it has just one minor glitch. "

    Outstanding in so many ways. I highly recommend it. UMPlayer is smooth, solid, and has a feeling of high quality. . More.

    reviewed on April 10, 2011